ESoDoc at When East Meets West

WHEN EAST MEETS WEST is a market event for authors and producers who work on projects which enables the communication between East and West. The 2018 edition will bring together over 400 producers, financiers, decision makers and film professionals from more than 30 countries.

Sabine Bubeck-Paaz (ESoDoc Head of Studies) and Thomas Righetti (ESoDoc Project Coordinator) will be present at the event from January 21st till 23rd. You can contact us to set up a meeting during WEMW!

Moreover - within the existing partnership between ESoDoc and WEMW - the project "I'll stand by you" by ESoDoc 2017 participant Virginija Vareikyte has been selected to take part to the co-production forum. 

Short synopsis: Two women, a psychologist and a police officer criss-cross the rural areas of their hometown in Lithuania to reach lonely elderly people dealing with suicidal thoughts. Together they attempt to save their country from an epidemic of suicide never seen before.