Punishment Island world premiere

The film Punishment Island by ESoDoc 2014 alumni Laura Cini will premiere in Uganda, Italy and Taiwan

Akampene is a tiny Ugandan island where girls who got pregnant, breaking the taboo of premarital sex, were abandoned and died because of starvation or drowning. The documentary is  guided by the voice of the island itself, that leads to the finding of Mauda, Jenerasi and Grace. Saved by poor men with no dowry for marriage, the three women will reveal the secret story of Akampene.

A film by Laura Cini
Production company: Ombre Elettriche
Produced by Laura Cini and Sirio Zabberoni
With the financial support of the Directorate General for Cinema - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism

- Sunday 24th of September. World premiere in Kampala, National Theatre. midday. Baymba International Festival
- Saturday 7th of October, 4:15 pm. European premiere, Milan, Visioni Dal Mondo (Italian competition)
- Sunday 8th of October, 8:50 pm. Asian Premiere at the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, in Taipei


“I was in this remote part of Uganda collaborating with a local NGO when local people told me this story. I was intrigued by the fact that it was told like a legend and nobody had real information. I decided to research it and when I found some survivors I thought of making a documentary to leave a historic documentation. In the film I wanted to preserve the feelings I had in this place.” (Laura Cini)