ESoDoc 2016 Session 3 @IDS Academy in Palermo

The last session of ESoDoc 2016 will take place in the framework of the training and networking event IDS Academy 2016 - promoted by Doc/it - which will take place in Palermo from September 11 till 17, 2016

There's time till September 2 to register for the event, which will feature ESoDoc's final pitching, the Match Making by Documentary in Europe and a series of keynotes focused on the theme of "EXPANDED DOCUMENTARY".

Film-makers, producers, experts and documentary lovers from across the world can register for IDS Academy 2016 till September 2! More information are available on

During the event, the projects developed during the 3 sessions of ESoDoc 2016 by film-makers from all over Europe will be presented in front of a panel of international experts, moderated by Stefano Tealdi (Stefilm, Italy).

Panel experts: 

- Caroline Mutz: Commissioning Editor, Arte G.E.I.E. | France

- Leena Pasanen: Manager and Artistic Director – DOK Leipzig | Germany

- Bruno Smadja: Founder at Mobile Film Festival & Cross Video Days (Market) | France

- Mike Lerner: Producer, Roastbeef production | UK

- Wendy Levy: Executive Director, NAMAC - National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture | California (USA)


Participants and projects at ESoDoc 2016: 

- “The Jungle”, by Audun Amundsen | Norway

- “Idrissa”, by Xavier Artigas | Spain

- “Love is not an Orange”, by Otilia Babara | Romania

- “Zero Impunity”, by Nicolas Blies | France

- “Communism against Nature”, by Raul Cazan | Romania

- “The Frontline of Peace”, by Matteo Delbò | Italy

- “Born of War”, by Elin Festøy | Norway

- “One More Jump”, by Manu Gerosa | Italy

- “When we used to smile”, by Nikolina Hrga | Croatia

- “Begging for Work”, by Julie Lunde Lillesæter | Norway

- “We are not for sale”, by Edu Marin | Spain

- “Herders”, by Mark Michel | Germany

- “No Reputation”, by Zipporah Nyaruri | Kenya

- “4GeneRelations Women”, by Paula Onet | Romania

- “No Child's Play”, by Gayatri Parameswaran | India

- “Robin Hood 2.0”, by Mette Reitzel | Denmark

- “Plates & Cups”, by Laura Robinson | United Kingdom

- “The Earth Masters”, by Nadja Smith | Germany

- “Quite Achivers”, by Mate Vincze | Hungary

- David Giacomelli | Italy

- Luca Rosini | Italy

- Timothy Webster | United Kingdom


Guest participant from id w / interactive documentary workshop (SUPSI, Switzerland): 

- “Robotics for all”, by Angelo Tsaousis | Greece


Guest participants from IDS Academy (Doc/it, Italy):

- “News from the dark side”, by Ruggero di Maggio | Italy

- Francesco Cosentino | Italy

- Alessio Genovese | Italy