Call for application: ESoDoc 2024 at Inconvenient Films

inconvenient films largeOn the occasion of its 20th anniversary, ESoDoc – in partnership with INCONVENIENT FILMS – offers Lithuanian and Ukrainian filmmakers the chance to participate in the complete session organised in partnership with the Human Rights Film Festival. The session culminates in the final public pitch in front of a panel of international experts. The offer includes 2 places for a participant with a project.


The entire session focuses on pitching. Specific online training will precede the residential session from September 26 till October 7 (participants will be occupied on specific days and times).
During these intense days, participants will work with 2 different tutors: - Gitte Hansen and Katrin Nandelstädt - to polish and refine their projects and trailers. At the end of this week, participants will have a digital pitch deck composed of a recorded pitch and a refined 2-pager suitable for online forums.


The residential session will take place in Vilnius from October 11 till 18. The residential part of the session will focus on the “live presentation” of the projects, culminating in the final public pitch, which will be held on October 15 and 16, in front of a panel composed of international experts from different fields of the audiovisual industry.


Besides the public pitch, the residential week foresees a series of screenings organized in partnership with Inconvenient Films, followed by an extended Q&A with the film directors.
On October 14, there will also be an Industry Day open to all film professionals interested in learning more about the audiovisual industry's current status, opportunities, and its future. 


Application form:
Deadline for application: SEPTEMBER 6, 2024


Travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the participant. Lunches and dinners are included. We warmly suggest staying in the same hotel as the other participants to enjoy the international atmosphere and network with all the other professionals present at the workshop.


Save the date! And take a bite of ESoDoc…

On July 29, 2024, you have the chance to join a keynote on “How to create an Impact and Outreach Strategy” with Sarah Mosses – Founder & CEO of Together Films – followed by the screening and case study on “An Army of Women” by Julie Lunde Lillesæter.


About the keynote: Storytelling is a very effective tool for creating empathy and a deeper understanding of complex issues and engaging the viewer in the longer term. Encouraging participation in whatever sense is one of the important goals of documentaries. Therefore, the wish to create Impact and the need for the right Outreach Strategy go hand in hand from the beginning of project development with the need to find the right ways of storytelling. Sarah Mosses is co-founder of Together Films, which specialises in new types of funding, improving impact objectives, and expanding the distribution of your documentary. She will provide concrete case studies to give us insight into her work as an impact producer.


About the film: When Amy, Marina and Hanna’s rape cases are dismissed by the Austin police, all three women try to find a way to rebuild their lives. They join forces with twelve other women in a ground-breaking federal class-action lawsuit, the first to argue that sexual assault isn’t prosecuted because it’s a crime that predominantly affects women. The group is determined to hold police and prosecutors accountable for their inaction, but their resilience is tested as they face setbacks from the system they hope to change.
Ultimately, AN ARMY OF WOMEN offers a hopeful look into a movement that aims to change the future for women everywhere.


Register here for the online session: