Screening: "The Illusion of Abundance"

IoA poster webOn June 27 at 5 pm, in the framework of ESoDoc's 20th Anniversary, we will hold an online screening and Q&A of "The Illusion of Abundance" by Erika Gonzalez Ramirez and Matthieu Lietaert (ESoDoc alumni and trainer). 


About the film
Carolina, Bertha and Maxima are hunting down some misbehaving corporation in the EU or the USA. Despite a deeply unbalanced game, these three women share a common goal: they are leading today's fight against modern conquistadors.
Whereas governments and corporations, trapped in a global race towards unlimited growth, need to get the cheapest raw materials, Bertha, Carolina and Maxima tell us a story of tireless courage: how to keep fighting to protect nature when your life is at risk? When police repression, corporate harassment, injuries or even death threats are part of your daily routine? 
THE ILLUSION OF ABUNDANCE is not only a film about those who pay the high price of ‘development’ and ‘progress’, it is above all a film about the globalization of their environmental resistance and their conviction to hunt down misbehaving transnational corporations, wherever they hide.

Watch the trailer.


This film is now in the middle of an international impact tour to push for mandatory regulations to protect human rights and environmental defenders from corporate abuses. Every year about 700+ defenders are killed, 10.000+ receive death threats or are injured. The impact tour is made in partnership with 40 international NGOs: 30+ political screenings with decision-makers, 95 international film festivals, 5+ TV broadcasts (with First Hand Films), online streamings, local screenings + debate and more.


The film already won many awards. Among the latest: 

  • 22nd Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Austria) 2023 - Best Environmental Film
  • 16th ONE WORLD HRFF in Brussels (Belgium) 2023 - Best Feature Film
  • 17th Terra di Tutti HRFF (Italy) 2023 - Best Invisible Voices Film
  • 10th South Texas International Film Festival (USA) 2023 - Best Feature Documentary
  • 15th Millenium Doc HRFF (Belgium) 2023 - Best Environmental Film
  • 29th Golden Beggar (Slovakia) 2023 - Best Documentary Film


Read more about the film and impact campaign on The Illusion of Abundance website