Beniamino Casagrande

Beniamino Casagrande was born in Bolzano,South Tyrol,in 1985. Here he attended the high school of Grafic Design. After the first experience on set in the series Commisario Rex and after working as 3rd director assistance for Il grande sogno of M. Placido, he decided to attend 3 years course of camera and lighting at Zelig-school for documentary, television and new media, where he graduated with the film Welcome to Gagauzia(V. Vikhliaev). He began to work as grip during the Zelig for many different movies like Anita B. of R. Faenza, Fuori Mira of E. Bernasconi, Everest of B. Kormakur, and many others. Since 2016 he work as Key Grip for german and italian film productions and commercials. He is the Cinematographer of the documentary of Stefano Lisci: Bar Mario (1st place at Verona Film Festival e screened in many others festival)and Luca+Silvana (Walther Awards at Bolzano filmfestival and screened at Trento filmfestival and others). Storytelling has always been essential in his life.


Project: The flowers of Nesang