Christopher Leslie

I am a documentary film-maker and photographer documenting human rights issues. After graduating I started a photography project in 1997 as a volunteer in Sarajevo orphanage teaching kids BW photography that ran for 4 years.

As a Visual Communications Manager for a NGO I had responsibility for producing all their photography and factual films. In 2005 I became a freelance film-maker, photographer and I continue to work for NGO's - including Haiti post earthquake, Child Labourers and trafficked children in Nepal, and post conflict Bosnia and State Institutions for Children.

In 2010 I was awarded a distinction award for a Masters in Documentary Photography course. My multimedia project that told hidden stories of regeneration throughout Glasgow, from the closure of local businesses, to the forced eviction of residents.

I have screened films at film festivals across Europe, including Document 9 and Nuremberg. My film work has been featured on BBC, CNN and on other media.