Felix Gaedtke
NowHere Media (DE)

Felix Gaedtke is an acclaimed immersive storyteller and creative producer currently based in Berlin. He co-founded the immersive storytelling studio NowHere Media with an urge to create spaces for under-represented voices in mainstream discourses. His passion to convey different realities across the world has led him to working with VR and AR storytelling techniques. His most recent work Kusunda takes you into the lives of an indigenous group in Nepal and their fight for language reclamation. Kusunda recently won the prestigious Storyscapes Award at Tribeca Film Festival. Felix’s immersive works have been exhibited at the Venice International Film Festival, SXSW, Cannes XR, the UN, HotDocs, Bergen International Film Festival and beyond. Felix has researched and worked from over 40 countries, including Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Myanmar, India, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States.

Project brought to ESoDoc: Kusunda