Martin Genovski

Martin Genovski holds a Bachelor's degree in 'Film and Television Directing' and a Master's degree in 'Screen Arts Management' from the 'National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts' (NATFA), Bulgaria. Martin is currently а PhD student in 'Film Studies' and an assistant professor of 'Film and Television Directing' at NATFA, Bulgaria.
He specialises in digital video productions. His Master’s thesis is ‘Producing and distribution of online video content’ and his doctoral dissertation’s topic is ‘The Film Director in the Age of the Internet’.
Martin has more than ten years of experience in media (press, radio&TV). He was a director of one of the most successful Bulgarian TV Series for a period of four years.
He is a screenwriter and director of few documentary and fiction films, which have been selected in dozens of festivals all over the world. 


Project: Bear with me