Margit Lillak

Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Art as a set designer in 1999, went to work as director of animaton films, Multifilm studio. In 2002, graduated from the Royal Holloway College in England with a MA degree in screenwriting. Later started her collaboration with Allfilm. She has directed several short docs i.e. “Pastacas” was awarded with the main prize at the EstDocs Film Festival competition, Toronto. In 2012 directed first feature-length doc “40+2 weeks” about her pregnancy and home-birth.
“The Circle” is her second feature-length doc. It follows a newly formed eco-community in Estonia from 2014 with blissful beginnings to their apocalyptic collapse in 2019. Margit was awarded the yearly prize in 2020 for best documentary by the Estonian Culture Foundation for ""The Circle"". The film got an audience of 100 000 viewers together from domestic movie theatres and tv, and has circulated in numerous international documentary festivals, premiering at Ji.hlava IDFF 2019. 


Project: Villages of Light