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Annabel Verbeke is born in Ypres, Belgium, 1987. As a filmmaker, she's always been fascinated by subjects that are seemingly banal but at a second glance, underexposed. Unhiding this neglected beauty is the core of her essayistic and poetic filmic approach, by changing banality into poetry and countering the dark and absurd side of life with refined humor. Annabel graduated Magna Cum Laude at RITCS Clmschool in Brussels with the film "Les enfants de la mer(e)", which got 8 times awarded at international film festivals.
Annabel has been working as a freelancer ever since, directing documentary films, series and tv-programs. She's just finished "We will remember them", where she encounters the most diverse and contradictory ways of commemorating the First WW in Ypres, where she was born. Currently she is developing a new documentary series, called "2 work", where she will be maindirector, managing and tutoring a group of young talented directors, freshly graduated from Docnomads.

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