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After studying journalism in Brussels, Joffrey lived and worked in several European countries. In 2007, he went to live in Burkina Faso and brought a camera in his luggage. Over the months, he became a reporter and filmmaker.  

Conquered by documentary language, he joined a documentary program in Montreal in 2009. During this program, he developed his first short documentary «Nassara» that obtain multiple nominations in international documentary festivals. 

Back in Belgium -after a six months experience in Asia , Joffrey worked as a freelancer for different production companies, local associations and international NGO’s. 

In 2013, he joined the audiovisual unit of Médecins Sans Frontières and specialized in creative direction and self-shooting in humanitarian projects around the world (Ebola outbreak in West Africa, rescue in Mediterranean sea, refugee camp in Mauritania, hurricane in Haïti…). 

Since 2015, Joffrey is managing the Creative Content Team of MSF based in Brussels.

Project: Medics Under Fire

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