Bruno Smadja
Cross Video Days (F)

For 12 years, Bruno Smadja loves to create innovative and creative events dedicated to filmmakers and producers.
In 2005, Bruno Smadja has created the Mobile Film festival around an unique concept : 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film. This international film festival gives great opportunities to young filmmakers. In 2015, the United Nations asked the Mobile Film Festival to organize a special edition about Climate Change for the COP21. 750 filmmakers from 70 countries have submitted a film. Thanks to the 75 selected films, we reached 17 million views in 2 months.
In 2010, Bruno Smadja has created Cross Video Days that have become the leading financing market for digital content in Europe. Every year, more than 30 countries are represented, more than 250 projects in development are submitted and the major European media are attending as commissioners (BBC, Arte, Canal +, Channel 4, ZDF, Rai, Red Bull,…).