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Edu Marín (Madrid, 1984) is a self-starter, gogetter journalist. He codirected his first documentary movie in 2013-2014. With “Good Night Sarajevo”  he shows the hope that a Bosnian journalist tried to infuse his listeners during the bitterest moments of the siege to Sarajevo in the 90’s.  
Edu lived one year in Paris, three in Morocco and it has been two years he is based in Cairo as a correspondent for EFE, the Spanish News Agency. As journalism runs through his veins, he now faces the world of photography and social documentary film. Passionate about people and social issues, he never gets tired of saying that he became a journalist and a filmmaker to be a “storyteller”.

Project: I am not your slave
In a country where most of migrant domestic workers are victims of human trafficking, Maryam, one of them, decides to bring this modern slavery to an end by fighting to get her passport back and leading the first union of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Maryam is not a victim anymore; she is a fighter.

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