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Jörg Grossmann, has worked as a graduate filmeconomist for over 25 years for film- and documentary films. He was production manager and lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and is consultant and project manager for film, television, and New Media.
He has overseen media projects for NGOs, produced documentaries, campaigns, features and image films, and worked as an impact producer for Web.tv, Live Stream and social media applications.
Since 2004 he is lecturer at the European Social Documentary Production Workshop (http://www.esodoc.eu).
Since 2006, he is the managing director of Greenfilm and produce documentaries-, multimedia, Web.tv and social media projects on environment, social change and human rights.(http://www.greenfilm.eu).
2012 he founded the Startup “Belive - Internet platform UG”, a video and photo platform for collaborative-, mobile citizen journalists.(http://beta.belive.at)
2015 he is producing the Webtv campaign “ClimateAction.tv “ for the UNFCCC Climate Conference Cop21 in Paris (http://www.climateaction.tv /info/en)

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