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Producer/Director. Born in Johannesburg (ZA) in 1955, he studies Architecture in Torino, Italy and founds Hlm production company SteHlm in 1991.

He directed A World of Pasta, Doctor Ice (Science Film Festival - Milano 2009), the series Food Markets - In the Belly of the City (15x52) and Food Makers go Global! (5 x26'). He produced Mostar United (IDFA 2009), Vinylmania (IFF Rotterdam 2012), Char, no man’s island (Berlinale Forum 2013), The Queen of Silence (IDFA 2014, Silver Horn, best feature length doc Krakow FF 2015, Golden Nanook IDF Perm 2015); The Strange Sound of Happiness (Special Mention Next Masters DOKLeipzig 2017); Wonderful Losers (Lithuanian candidate Academy Awards 2019); My Home, in Libya (Locarno FF 2018)

He tutors for: Biennale Cinema College Venice, Marchè du Film Cannes, Documentary Campus, Films 3 Continents-Produire au Sud, Med Film Factory, New Chinese Film Talents, Ouga Film Lab, Torino Film Lab, Scuola Holden, ZagrebDox Pro, ZELIG Film School.

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