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Floris Parlevliet (1984) started the adventure of crowdfunding trough CineCrowd when he finished film studies at the Art Acedemy of Utrecht. After school he wanted to make a short film about a young Romani girl who travels together wit her father to the south of France. With nothing more than a short description of the story Roel van der Weijer (producer) and Floris (director) agreed to trie different methods of financing – after some hick ups – including rotary clubs, the short got financed trough crowdfunding and also triggered other filmmakers like George Sluizer (Dark Blood) and Heddy Honigmann (And One Day). Floris made several films, mostly fiction. His short 'De Reis' about the son of a soldier who asks difficult question when his father is being send to war was shown on festivals worldwide. His short 'Mesopotamia' won the 'best student film' during the Dutch filmfestival 2009. Currently he is working on a feature about post- apocalyptic western society survivors. Since his short 'Maybe Tomorrow' got funded as first film trough CineCrowd Floris grew in his role of artistic- director, guiding other projects during crowdfunding. CineCrowd holds a 85% succes-ratio. We believe that this is trough strong guidance, but also because CineCrowd can maintain a quality standard in teaser and projects which are shown on our platform.

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