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Nina Blazin

Since my diploma at the academy AGRFT i've worked as a scriptwriter and director on long, short documentaries, short films and worked as a first AD for feature films. I believe one must constantly expand one's knowledge and broaden horizon so I've attended some workshops: Berlinale2004, NISI MASA 2012 European short pitch with my script for a short film "Dawn", with my documentary project "Terminus factory/the coffin manager" i have attended "Documentary in Europe 2011" - machmaking in Bardonechia, Italy. The project and my producer was selected for "Emerging producers - Jihlava documentary festival 2012". We have received some funding from Slovenian Film Centre for research. I've also worked as a director and scriptwriter for a few years on RTV - the National Television of Slovenija. At the moment I'm working on a 50 minutes documentary "Genious"  - exploring the world of talented people and creativness.

Zelig Film

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