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Fabian Scheidler

Having started as a film and theatre director and dramturg, I am currently engaged in four fields of professional activity: 1. As a writer for theatre and opera. (My latest piece "Death of a Banker" will be premiered at the Opera of Görllitz in April 2013.) 2. As co-founder, director and host of the independent newscast Kontext TV (focussing on global social and ecological issues) 3. As a campaign advisor and project manager for social movements, esp. Attac Germany (including media and theatre projects, summer universities etc.). 4. As a visual artist (exhibitions with digital photographic works, including the cycle "Displaced Places - Photo Syntheses", most recently displayed at Imago Fotokunst gallery in Berlin). My current focus lies on expanding my work to the field of creative documentary films and film essays focussing on the global ecological and social crisis.

Zelig Film

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