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Coach and communication trainer (pitching.de), Sibylle Kurz is a merchant and psychologist by training. She has working experience in the music and event business as well as in film licensing, acquisition and distribution for the German film- and television market.
Additionally she has an academic background in media and communication science, sociology and psychology and a postgraduate education as communication skills trainer and Certified NLP-Trainer (INLPT Associational standards).
Since 1994 she freelances as a coach and communication trainer for the media, arts & culture industries, with specializing expertise in “The Art Of Pitching”. Her clients are European training programs & workshops, corporations, production studios, publishing houses and individuals, who will also call her in as a script doctor for fictional and non-fictional projects or to help them prepare the presentations for sales-meetings and markets. The sector “Arts & Culture” includes artists, painters, musicians and composers, anyone who is trying to position his idea/concept in the “cultural market” making it accessible to audiences.
Sibylle teaches “The Art of Pitching” since 20 years at acclaimed national and international film schools.
Her intensive workshop sessions enable participants to hone and time-tune their ideas, concepts and projects prior to pitching as well as gain insight into strengths and weaknesses of their own professional practice.

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